Here are a selection of some of the gins that we sell from the Gin Cart. Our stock is constantly changing though and we sometimes carry a few surprises!

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True North Sheffield Dry Gin
Flavoured with a mix of botanicals, including dried juniper, bilberries, gentian & Hendersons Relish. Best served with Indian tonic & orange
42% ABV
True North Sheffield Dry Gin Hops & Honey
Included Citra & Simcoe hops & flavoured with Sheffield Honey. 42% ABV
True North Sheffield Dry Gin Raspberry & Hibiscus
A distinctive floral gin containing raspberry & tropical hibiscus flower. 42% ABV

True North Sheffield Dry Gin Devonshire Edition
Exclusive single batch bottling with the unmistakable freshness of Gooseberry, Kiwi, Lime & Mint. 42% ABV
Sir Robin of Locksley Gin - Artisan Distilled
An up front gin with juniper and the aromas of Elderflower coming through. 40.5% ABV
Masons Dry Yorkshire Gin - Tea Edition
Uses Harrogate spring water & local grown juniper, with the unmistakable flavour of Yorkshire tea. 42% ABV

Masons Dry Yorkshire Gin - Lavender Edition
Focuses on the intense, fragrant notes of the lavender, goes great for a summer G&T or cocktail.
42% ABV
Tinker Premium Gin
A traditional Gin, given a Spanish twist, light & well rounded. 40% ABV
Eden Mill - Hop Gin
Fresh citrus & apricot aroma combined with conventional botanical of juniper, coriander & liquorice. 46% ABV

Gabriel Boudier Dijon imported Saffron Gin
Imported French Gin, makes the perfect aperitif for special occasions. 40% ABV
Warner Edwards Victoria Rhubarb Gin
Originally made with rhubarb from Queen Victoria’s own garden, now made with 11 botanicals, including the rhubarb which makes for a very British spicy gin. 40% ABV
Redsmiths of Nottingham - London Dry
Created in small batches, in a bespoke still called Jenny, 9 selected botanicals, including coriander and fresh orange peel. 43% ABV

Steampunk Gin – Newcastle
Based on a gin recipe from 1892 , this is smooth on the palate with juniper, cardamom & citrus melt together
40% ABV
Edinburgh Gin Distillery Rhubarb & Ginger Liqueur
Perfect served as a winter warmer. 20% ABV
Edinburgh Gin Distillery Raspberry Liqueur
A fruity mix of Perthshire raspberries and Edinburgh gin. 20% ABV

Haymans Old Tom Gin
Smooth & full flavoured. The gin of choice in Victorian England. 40% ABV
Hendricks Gin
Flavoured with a mix of fruit, seeds, roots & flowers – including rose & cucumber after distillation. 41.1% ABV
Opihr Oriental Spiced Gin
Exotically spiced, including Cubeb berries, black pepper & coriander.
40% ABV

Plymouth Gin
Flavoured with 7 botanicals, including juniper, coriander seeds, lemon peel, sweet orange peel. 41% ABV
Martin Miller’s Gin - blended using Icelandic spring water
Distilled in two separate batches, the earthier & citrus botanicals are separately distilled, before been combined to make the Gin. 40% ABV
Tanqueray No.10 London Dry Gin
Made with handpicked fruit & botanicals.
47.3% ABV

Plymouth Sloe Gin
A beautiful balance between bitter & sweet and a great alternative to Pimms. 26% ABV
Sipsmiths London Dry Gin
A traditional London Dry Gin, dry, spicy & full of character. 41.6% ABV
Tanqueray London Dry Gin
Four times distilled spirit & four botanicals, said to have been Frank Sinatra’s favourite gin.
43.1% ABV

Bombay Sapphire Gin
A vapour infused gin using ten botanicals, including lemon peel, Cubeb berries & Grains of paradise. 40% ABV

Beefeater London Dry Gin

Clean flavour, with juniper and strong citrus notes.
40% ABV